Update and Revamp!

Hello Lovelies,

Whew, it has been a day and then some….so for the 5 people that have read my blog:

There have been major changes as to why I haven’t updated this blog in  a good while. The first being, I am currently about to start my third year of dental school.

So, here is the back story. 2 years ago, I got an interview with Howard University College of Dentistry. I got in! That summer I ended up leaving my home state of Colorado for the big adventure in Washington, DC. I found an apartment and left behind the state I grew up in (and love) and moved. The move itself was pretty smooth thanks to my mom being on top of life and making sure I was settled in before going back to CO.

I initially was excited before I quickly realized DC is not CO. I am not a city girl and I am only kidding myself into thinking that I am. I love sunshine and outdoors. I love smiling at strangers and saying hi. I love knowing that everyone around me is willing to help I just have to ask. None of which can be found in DC. Now don’t get me wrong, there are aspects about DC that I also enjoy….it’s just not home. Home is Colorado. So, that transition was rough.

Then there was change from beauty products to school. I found I had less time for my passion of make up because I had to focus on just getting by in school. So there was that. My blog and everything else got tossed to the side as I turned all of my time and energy on the adventure ahead. It was unfortunate that my hobby and interest got lost in my school. But I figured it was a good trade off for my dream career. But it made me think…now that I had time…what really drove me…

So in order to keep myself sane…and entertained. I decided to revamp my blog. I decided to make it into something different and really try to put effort into keeping up with it. I figured it would be best to start writing about things that pertain to me now rather than me 2 years ago. I don’t have the time to dedicate to trying and reviewing ad noting what I love and don’t love about beauty products. I may still occasionally post a review (since I have recently discovered a new facial routine that really has settled my breaking out all the time due to stress skin.) But I wanted to change my blog into more of a organization/daily nuggets kind of blog. Keep it light and not so demanding as a beauty blog (cause let’s be honest….my beauty blog was going no where.)

I think my first new entry will be school related (ugh) about how I keep my school notes/etc organized to ensure my success. Hopefully someone out there finds it useful.

Until next time,



In My Head: Study Tips!

Hello Everyone!

So as I mentioned before, I am preparing to decide my future. In preparing for my future, I have come across a few little tips that help me focus and study and get the most out of my studying. I hope this helps some of you who may still be in school, are taking a test, or just learning in general to look at yourself and start to understand how you learn best.

The first things I learned were:

I completely and utterly lack the ability to multitask. I cannot be someone who has the TV going on in the background, Facebook casually opened, or others around me talking and study at the same time. I just get too distracted too easily and I can’t study or retain any information from that study session.

I know how I learn best: For me, I remember and retain information(and integrated it into my schema) best when I am able to listen to someone say it and write it down while I’m listening. This is why lectures really work well for me. I don’t do well with “practicing” concepts if I don’t have time to simply hear someone explain it and for me to write it down. I am an auditory learner but only when I can also write it down. Visuals don’t really help me cause I can’t recall visuals like some others can. I only know it if I remember writing it (in tandem with someone saying it to me…I can’t stress that enough.) This is why taking notes from a book helps me…but not as much as taking notes during a lecture.

Take BREAKS! This is the most important thing and the hardest thing for me because I have a very odd way of focusing. I tend to hyper focus for HOURS at a time. I mean completely focused, I can’t take in anything going on around me because I am so focused on what is before me. I feel like once I get in the “zone” as my family calls it I just want to keep on studying. The side effects of being a creature of habit fur sure. But as many of you already know, most people remember things at the beginning and end the best-I’m not exception. Therefore, by taking breaks I am able to have more beginning and ends to remember.

Have a bottle of water near by. One of the biggest distractions for me is that I like to snack while studying. It’s an easy way to distract myself because…well my snacks eventually run out and I go search for more. So I switched to having a bottle of water with me so that I can always just go re-fill it and no worries there.

A white board. I have a giant white board I use for writing up key concepts and points that I need to remember. Using the colors and writing it after writing it in my notes really helps me see things I didn’t see just on paper. Plus, using the colorful markers are just fun and anything that makes studying fun is a win.

These are just 5 quick little things I do to make sure when I sit down to focus-I get the most out of it. I hope this helped you all a little bit. Please, if you have any tips leave a comment. I am always looking for ways to improve how I study!

Till next time,

What is it about studying?

Hello Internet,

I am sitting around trying to read a biology textbook…and hating it. This is strange because I totally adore biology and reading. But when I am forced to read it, I couldn’t be more uninterested if I tried. So, that made me wonder…what is it about studying that makes it so difficult?!

Is it doing something you don’t enjoy?

Is it being forced to take in something you don’t think you need?

Or is it just the word (and knowledge) that you are studying that makes it so unbearable?

I think that it’s a bit of all the above. Studying is probably one of the most tedious and tiresome things a student has to do. It makes going to work look amazing and a breeze. I mean at the end of the work day, you are DONE (unless you’re someone who brings work home with them…) With school, going to lecture is a struggle but the real problems begin outside of the classroom. As a student, I feel like I carry my school with me everywhere. If I’m not in class, I am studying. If I am not studying, I am thinking about studying. If I am not thinking about studying, I am stressing about something school related. I’m pretty sure I qualify as a nerd, but even nerds struggle with focusing sometimes…or maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, I am trying to figure out some tips for staying focused. So if you have any to offer please leave them in a comment.

Some small tricks I’ve picked up:

-study in incriments Study for 30-45 minutes and take a 10 minute break

-switch up the subjects

-reward yourself once you’re done

-study in groups

-study with quiet music

That’s all I really have….so lame…lol. but please leave your tips in a comment, I really need them!

Thank you for reading,

Ewww germs!

Hello Readers!

Today, my topic is about of course germs. Since winter is upon and with the cold weather comes the cold, flu, and other nasty things-I wanted to blog about it. This is only drawn to my attention as I am currently downtrodden with a cold that my boyfriend was so kind to bestow upon me.

While he was sick about a week ago, he had seen me during the point in his cold that he was still contagious and just like his cold, mine has slowly be setting on. Usually when I get sick it hits me all at once, but that is also because it’s my brother who usually infects me. But this time it was my “wonderful” boyfriend. His cold started with a minor sore throat that led to a runny nose that led to a cough and a small fever that led to more coughing and more sore throat. Finally he got over it.

Well, now I laying in bed with a sore throat as a horrible stuffy/runny nose. I am running a fever and when I told my boyfriend he said I must have picked it up at school. Now that is possible. But more likely than not it was from him kissing me while he was sick. Yeah, my boyfriend couldn’t keep is disgusting germs to himself. A couple who shares is a couple who cares right?! Poppycock! He had to go and share his horrible cold with me while he’s all handy-dandy. He even had the nerve to invite me to a movie tonight! After infecting me!! The nerve of that man….grrr.

But this also got me thinking about “cold-etiquette.” When a person has a cold, there are certain….social rules that are expected of the person. The first rule: The person must take some sort of cold medicine. I find this a useful rule because it keeps the distracting side effects of a cold under wraps. Such a side-effect that it controls is obnoxious coughing. It may just be me, but if I am sitting anywhere and within the vicinity someone is hacking up a lung, I find myself slightly uncomfortable. I want to say something but at the same time I am thinking Why don’t you take something for that cough? I know it’s slightly rude, but if you are coughing that badly, take a cough drop or some cough syrup or just stay at home. No one likes to sit around someone who coughs, or worse get coughed on (which has also happened to me…bad times.) So just do yourself and everyone around you a favor and take something. (Personally, I recommend riccola. Love that stuff.)

Second, I think when someone is sick it is almost an obligation to carry around tissues. Tissues are great for dabbing at a runny nose, blowing a stuffy nose, keeping those contagious infectious germs from spreading around. It’s just a polite convenient thing to keep handy when you are under the weather. I mean sure the sound of someone blowing his/her nose is not the most pleasant sound. But I would much rather hear one person blowing his/her nose than continually loud sniffling for 2 hours. That’s just me though.

And finally, I find that keeping physical contact at a minimum while you are sick is the polite thing to do. I don’t know a single person that thinks, Man being sick is AWESOME. I wish I was sick everyday. I love the coughing, the fever, the stuffy nose, the sore throat. It’s like joy in germ form. Therefore, because no one likes to be sick I simply think it is polite to not rub your germy disgusting hands all over other people! (Yes, I am talking to you CHASE! This entire post is devoted to YOU! You germ infected sickness spreading butthead!…yeah I’m a bit angry and resentful.)

What are you thoughts on being sick and how you handle yourself around other people?

Until Next Time darlings,

Film Thoughts: Battleship Potemkin

Hello webloggers and readers,

Today, I wanted to write about a film I watched for my class. It was a silent Russian film called Battleship Potemkin. The film was interesting yet confusing to me simply because it was based on real events that had occurred as well as being a different editing style from what I am use to from silent films. The general storyline follows sailors revolting on the battleship and due to this revolting they are punished (presumably killed but like I said earlier, it was hard for me to follow.) Once news of the death of the sailor reaches the mainland, there is a giant protest against the actions taken and a huge massacre of the protesters occur. This sparks fire in the sailors and they prepare to fight only to be able to go through without having to fight at all.

Now, I know the synopsis of the story sounds quite jumpy and it doesn’t quite make sense, but that is probably because I didn’t understand what was going on in the movie. The way it was edited made it hard, plus being a silent film much of the dialogue was limited.

My initial reaction to the movie was that I was uninterested. But the more I watched and thought about the movie, the more I realized I didn’t like it because it didn’t fit my conventional ideas of what a movie should entail. Because it was a foreign film, the way it was edited, filmed, created was completely different. It was a historical major event for Russians, where I (being American) have only heard about this when my film professor told me about it. Therefore, I was watching the movie as a complete and utterly ignorant outsider. I didn’t understand the impact of the movie or the events that took place. I am slowly beginning to realize it as I write and think about the movie more.

But that being said, the massacre scene in the film really struck me. It is a black and white film (with a red communist flag at the end.) But even with the lack of color…it was emotional watching the massacre. The scene that really caught my attention was when a young mother pushing her baby in a carriage was trying to escape the soldiers shooting at them was shot. Her baby’s carriage teetered on the edge of the stairs. The scene jump cut back and forth between the wheel of the carriage and the mother slowly bleeding/dying from the gunshot wound from her stomach. (Which is bad because it takes awhile to bleed to death from a shot to the stomach.) I kept willing the baby carriage to stabilize itself, somehow hoping the baby would know how to counter balance the tipping. But at the same time, I wanted to scream RUN as the soldiers approached the carriage. It was a lose-lose situation for me.

Either way I would be distraught and I realized this intense emotion for me was why this film was amazing. Without the use of dialogue or even color, the film made me feel emotions that many modern films can’t elicit from me. The subject matter aside, the way the film was edited caused me to feel these emotions. It made me appreciate editing and get a better understanding of how film could appear so simple yet be so complex. I also enjoy learning how film had developed from this silent film with music to Avatar.

Coming soon: A couple beauty reviews and a sneak peek at my nail polish collection!

Thanks for stopping by,

A new mini series in my blog.

Hello lovely readers,

So, this semester I am taking an interesting class called Introduction to Film. I needed it for elective credit and I decided it might be more interesting to see a different aspect of film than just the storyline. I really like the class because many of the movies the professor has selected for class are classic movies that I haven’t seen yet. We have watched two films already  Citizen Kane and Raging Bull. Both movies were AMAZING. It makes me want to get into film a bit more, but I thought I would start posting weekly on here what I thought about the most recent film we had to write for class in a broader sense that the specific details we have to look for in the class. I thought it would be fun to write about something new I’m learning about as I learn about it (that isn’t related to daily life blogging and make up reviews.)

So this week: I start I would start with Citizen Kane

As many people know, this movie is quite classic. It’s about a young man given away in childhood by his parents (practically sold) to be raised in “the right way.” He grows up to be a rambunctious young man, being kicked out of as many colleges as he could get into and had only one “true friend.” He uses his wealth to buy out a newspaper and there beings to lay down a name for himself. He vows to be a man who writes for the public and slowly begins to climb up the success ladder. He creates a good selling nationwide newspaper and marries the niece of the president. HIs first marriage falls to shambles as he begins to run for mayor. He has an affair with a younger woman who essentially destroys his campaign as mayor. He ends up marrying his mistress as he falls further out of touch with his friends and those around him. He forces his second wife to become an opera singer when she obviously has no talent for singing. After failing to make her a successful singer, he builds an isolated “wonderland” for them called Xanadu, a 47,000 acre piece of land so large they have to scream to hold a conversation. In the end he dies muttering one word (which was how the movie opened), “Rosebud.” THe film is shot spending the entire span trying to find out what “rosebud” meant.

I really liked how while it was supposed to be out of chronological order it was actually showing the ending first and then starting back at the beginning with gaps in the story missing but slowly filling in as the film continued. It was a black and white film, but that did not take away anything from the story or film at all. Instead of using vivid colors to portray meaning, the film greatly utilized shadows and lighting to create the mood. I thought it was amazing how the movie told me so much without words. I have a secret love for all things black and white so I was super excited to watch this film.

The film was more intense and dealt quite well with Kane as a character. I liked watching how Kane’s life unfolded in almost disarray as people told different aspects of his life as the audience slowly watched his downfall. But the best part how the film wrapped up with how it began, with Charles Kane’s death.

One scene in particular that I loved was the scene at the beginning with the faceless reporters trying to figure out what “rosebud” meant. The scene was dark, the outline of the figures were visible due to the lighting and sometimes the outlines were blurred with smoke.  The reporters were in disarray without any real definite structure. The scene constantly switched from many to only a couple people. The only real detail of the reporters that you got was one reporter, he had glasses. You never see his face throughout the entire movie; but out of all the faceless reporters, he is the only one with enough detail that the audience almost feels like they are watching the interviews from his perspective. It’s a nice addition to the film. To see another man’s life unfold as a series of stories through someone else’s eyes.

Overall, I’m glad I got to see Citizen Kane even if it was for a class. Next time: Raging Bull

Thanks for reading!

Christmas Joys?

Hello Everyone!!!

I am super excited to be back and able to post again! So there are two major things I wanted to talk about.

The first fast thing I wanted to talk about was a super belated birthday present from my mom. Well it wasn’t belated in the sense that she bought it for me before my birthday. But she didn’t actually bring it in from her car until about a week ago (lol.) But what she  got me was a ceramic Hello Kitty coin bank that I can paint myself. It is so cute! A picture of the finished Hello Kitty coin bank is posted below. I love this gift because my mom got it for me and she understands my obsession with Hello Kitty. It is one of the many random Hello Kitty things she buys me whenever she’s out. The second reason I love it is because I got to paint it myself. I don’t have that big of a creative bone, but I love do-it-yourself things. I think it’s super cool that I could paint one. The only one complaint I have is that the ceramic part of the bank is really shiny and the painted areas are really matte. You can’t tell in the picture but if you see it in person you can tell. It’s just a minor detail that I’m nit-picky about. Other than that one complaint  the coin bank is awesome!


Hello Kitty Bank!


The second thing I wanted to write about was about the chaos that is christmas shopping. I usually don’t have to do christmas shopping because my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. (We have Chinese New Years with the red envelopes instead.) So I never had to stress or head to the mall during Christmas crunch time (as my cousins love to call it.) But since my boyfriend’s family does celebrate christmas I have to go buy them presents. But I guess I don’t really have the “present surprise” part down yet because the other day I was discussing with my boyfriend what I would get him for Christmas (and he told me.) But today I finally went with my cousin and brother to the mall to buy his gift. My goodness! I was not prepared for the crowds that it brought. I was really shocked that there were that many people at the mall today at like 11 AM on a Monday!! It makes me glad that my family never celebrated Christmas…I couldn’t even imagine going to the mall when it’s that crowded every year to buy presents! (And I know I would since I am a last minute shopper.)

But I’m excited because I like wrapping presents! That’s probably the only part of christmas I am looking forward to. I love making ap lain box become something festive and amazing simply by wrapping it up and making it look so pretty! I kinda wish I celebrated Christmas so that I could wrap things up all the time. Yeah…I’m a loser.

Well I will probably post again before the week is up (probably around christmas day) about my updated make up collection or about my puzzle obsession.

Happy Holidays! And Good Luck with your shopping (If you still have some left to do!)

Thanks for reading,