Beauty Thoughts: Tokidoki Love From London Palette Swatches

Hello my loves,

I posted a tokidoki haul picture yesterday of everything I bought from tokidoki’s 40% off sale at Sephora. One of the items I bought was the Love from London Palette. I really love the package of the palette because even though it is shaped like a phone booth (the stereotypical red ones that every tourist takes a picture of when they visit London) it is unique. I think that even though it might be a bit harder for me to store, it’s worth it because I just like the way it looks. It is a bit bulky though. I think it’s mainly thicker to house the little toy most tokidoki palettes comes with.

Confession: I bought this palette mainly because I wanted the limited edition collectable of Mozzarella in the adorable hat. I know…I’m a sucker for toys.

Here’s the inside of the palette:

The inside of the Tokidoki Love From London Palette

The collectable figurine I was lusting after: (toooooo cute!!)

The cuteness in the palette

Now on to the good stuff-the swatches:

Sloane Square

Sloane Square

This is a light pink with a darker pink sheen to it in the pan (the picture doesn’t show it because my camera is such a high maintence drama queen.) But when swatched it comes out looking pretty matte. I think the sheen will come off better on the eye with a primer underneath.

Baker Street

Baker Street

This color is a matte peach/cream color. The picture makes it look almost white/grey, but in person I swear it’s more cream and warm. I apologize for the funky lighting. This is a beautiful matte color (and super creamy). I think it would be a good color for both the lid or highlight.

King’s Road

King’s Road

This is a pink/copper color with silver glitter in it. It’s quite pretty for an all over lid color. It is also quite pigmented (Like most of Tokidoki’s glitter colors tend to be.) I’m not a fan of the glitter, but I am hoping that it doesn’t have too much fall out.

Park Lane

Park Lane

For some reason, the photo of the actual eyeshadow is way more gray than it is in person. Int he pan it is actually a yellow (almost pastel yellow) with gold glitters in it. The swatch is bit more true to color (thank you yellow skin!) The gold glitters don’t show up as well when swatched (as you can tell by the picture) I am hoping it shows up a bit better in person because it gorgeous! It’s probably going to be one of my new favorite eyeshadow colors.

Berwick Street

Berwick Street

This is my absolute favorite color in the entire palette! It’s a nice purple/brown color with green duo chrome/glitter. The duo chrome comes off better in the palette but the glitters take over in the swatch! I’m not a big fan of glitter, but this color is just too awesome not to love!

The Strand

The Strand

This is a light blue with grey tones (if that makes sense…which it probably doesn’t…my bad.) This eyeshadow also contains silver glitter. I think it’s a pretty, creamy, and wonderful light blue to add to the palette.

Savile Row

Savile Row

This color is has a satin finish. It has no large chunks of glitter but it has a very nice satin sheen finish when swatched. Like all the other colors, it is very creamy and pigmented. This is the perfect neutral crease or lid color for me. I am a big fan of neutrals so I think this color is fantastic.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street

This is easily the brightest color in the palette. It’s a very striking blue, that appears a bit lighter in the pan picture than in person. The swatch is a bit truer to color though. This one has finer blue glitters in it than the glitters found in Berwick Street or The Strand.

Parliament Square

Parliament Square

This is marked as a bronzer…but looking at the swatch and the pan…I think it’s too pink to be used a bronzer (I think it would just make me look a very odd color.) But I think it would be perfect as a blush. It’s the perfect neutral pink color I could use everyday as a blush. It has shimmer in it (like most tokidoki blushes do) and is quite pigmented. It has some golden glitter in it, but the glitter is fine and similar to the glitter in Carnaby Street.

Those are the swatches and my impressions from the swatches! I’ll post a more indepth review after I’ve had time to use it. Next, I will swatch the balmbini vol. 2 palette from theBalm! So Be on the look out for that!

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Beauty Thoughts: Face of the Day-Green Challenge

Hello Lovlies,

I usually don’t post this late at night but I wanted to share a quick Face of the Day with you all.

As a challenge to increase my skills, I agreed with a “weekly” challenge set up by a few lovely ladies I talk to on Facebook. This week’s challenge (our first one) was to incorporate green into our look. It could be anything-eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, etc. There just had to be green in the look.

This is my take on that look:

My take on the Green Challenge

A quick run down of everything on my face:

Foundation: MUFE HD Foundation in 127
Powder: Inglot Pressed Powder  in 14
Concealer: theBalm time balm concealer in Medium
Eyebrows: Elf eyebrow kit in Dark
Lid: Naked 2 Chopper
Crease: Tokidoki Airways Palette Hong Kong
Outer Corner: Tokidoki Airways Palette New York and Wet ‘N Wild Comfort Zone Palette Right Crease Color
Eyeliner: Wet ‘N Wild gel liner in Black set with BE Eyeliner in Legit
Mascara: tarte Lights Camera Lashes

Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss 08
Lipgloss: UD gloss in Naked

Tell me what you think of the look! I  don’t usually use greens in my looks so this challenge really helped me expand out of my comfort zone!

Thanks for stopping by,

In My Head: Newest Obsession

Good Day my lovely readers,

Today will be a bit different from the beauty topics I usually write about. Lately, I have been buying a lot of office supplies (which isn’t that surprising because I love office supplies.)

But with my new internship, I had to get a few new notebooks (one for my licensing classes and one for just little notes to myself…kind of like a planner.) So I was looking at all the different notebooks, but none of them really stuck out for me. I don’t particularly enjoy spiral notebooks and just use them because they also tend to be the cheapest. I like bound notebooks, if they are bound well. Some composition notebooks anger me because they don’t open enough for me to write comfortably in them. Weird I know. I’m so picky.

So I kept browsing and somehow ended up in Barnes and Noble. I feel like my entire life is spent inside that store. I am slightly secretly in love with B&N. I think it’s just because i like sitting amongst books…cause like I’ve said before I’m slightly creepy. I also think it’s better than the library because for some reason the library near me is always full of kids…so I can’t focus as well because whenever I find a quiet place to study, the middle school kids will always pop up and start their loud conversations at a table next to me. So B&N it is.

While perusing the shelves, I noticed the moleskin notebooks. Normally, I just overlook these but I noticed one small sleek looking black notebook and decided it would be good for keep track and recording all my thoughts/ to do’s/ and notes for juggling my DATs, Dental school Applications, Law School Applications, and LSAT stuff. I wanted to keep it specific to this stuff just because I wanted one place I can go to record everything and have it there for me when I need to look something up. (Like say a score on a practice test.)

The notebook was bound in plastic and had a little cardboard thing around it tell me if it was lined or not, how many pages, what was inside, and the cost. The first thing I must admit is these notebooks are not cheap…they are way more than the 70 cent mead notebooks I use to get. My first thought when I opened up the notebook was that it was VERY WELL made. It really felt sturdy, the pages were not too thin (or too thick…I hate thick pages I feel like I’m getting ripped off,) the lines were college ruled (again I hate wide ruled notebooks cause I have small handwriting,) the binding was nice and tight but also allowed me to open the notebook the entire way for easy of writing, the page marker did not get in the way, and it stayed shut when I closed it. I thought it was worth every penny I paid for it.

The First Moleskin notebook I picked up

Well after my first experience with this notebook, I knew I was in love. The best parts about the moleskin notebooks were the size selection and the color selection. As most of my readers and friends know, I love the color yellow. I also love things that come in numerous colors. The moleskin notebooks come in an array of sizes ranging from small pocket notebooks to larger composition notebooks to even graph notebooks. The color range is basically the rainbow and then some. They come in packs of 2. Usually, they will be the same color in varying shades.

I ended up picking 4 notebooks. The first two were smaller and more meant for quick notes while I’m out or during the day for my internship. I picked my favorite color yellow and it came with an orange notebook as well. I also ended up getting 2 larger composition notebooks for my internship in varying shades of green.

The Orange and Yellow “planner” notebooks I bought
Green composition notebooks!

Overall, I think these notebooks will quickly become my favorite office supplies. They have the ability to join the Gelly Roll pens exclusive use items. Yes, I will only use Gelly roll pens to write because I think they write very well and for some reason I feel my handwriting looks more steady using Gelly Roll pens compared to everything else.

I think the merging of Moleskin notebooks, Gelly Roll pens, and Tul mechanical pencils will become the center of my office supply addiction.

Thanks for reading,

Beauty Thoughts: My Make Up Set Up

Hello blog readers!

Today is a bit more special. I wanted to share the loveliness of when my beauty world and personal world collide. So, in my updated entry I mentioned I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. The wonderful man got me a lovely present.

A giant fishing tackle box.

This sounds ridiculous because I am in no way a fisher. I have only done it once and didn’t really enjoy it. But, being the considerate guy he is, he remembered I mentioned the tackle box would be a good organizational tool for my make up. So he bought it to help me get organized.

I have included pictures of it in my make up set up. I wanted to show everyone just how I organize my make up and jewelry.
This picture is the general set up of my vanity. (Side Note: my vanity is as old as I am. My parents bought it as a set when I was born. It’s absolutely lovely and I hope that I have it for a long time.)

My Vanity/Make Up Set Up

Starting on the left,  these two 3-drawer containers house all the things that wouldn’t fit in my tackle box.

The three drawer set up

At the very top is the Starlet Palette from tarte.  I thought it looked really pretty here.

The smaller white one has:

Top drawer: small brushes that wouldn’t fit in the cup containers
Middle drawer: loose powders
Bottom drawer: lip balms

The larger blue container has:
Top drawer:  drugstore quads and trios
Middle drawer: drugstore and larger blushes
Bottom drawer: lipgloss

Moving over to the right are my larger palettes and brushes.

My Larger Palettes and Brushes

As you can see, it is mostly the tokidoki tin palettes and the larger hello kitty noir palette. They all sit nicely between and are within easy reach.

The brush holders are the sigma make me crazy brush set. The brushes inside my holders are a mix of a lot of different brushes. They range from no name brushes to Mac brushes. I like trying both higher end brushes and drugstore cheap brushes. The larger ecotool brushes  I just got were too big to fit in the drawer or the cups.

I also used one of the bath and body works candle holders to store my q-tips. It makes it easier to use.

Next is the check of my make up. My lovely tackle box.

The tackle box my boyfriend gave me as a present

In the top part. I have my smaller palettes (including all of my hello kitty palettes.) it also had my face powders and foundation in the top.

In the larger compartment, there are three little containers inside. In the top container, it has my single eyeshadows, gel liner, and cream eyeshadows. The second container has my pencil liners, mascaras, concealers, and thin blushes. (it had to be thin to fit on the box and stacked slightly.) The final container has all of my lipsticks.

Then in the small compartment on the left, this houses my larger drugstore palettes and higher end bulkier blushes.

Next to my tackle box I have a box of samples, baby wipes, and jewelry box.

My Baby Wipes, Sample Box, and Jewelry Boxes

The clear box of samples sit there to remind me to use e samples I get. I think they aren’t enough to really persuade me to buy the product, but it’s nice to try something different.

In the flowery jersey box, I have my more expensive/sentimental jewelry. A lot of the jewelry in the box are childhood jewelry given to mr by my grandmother. I also have one bracelet in there made by my father for my mom.

The little clear box in front holds all of my cheaper earrings and rings. They are the one I don’t mind wearing everyday.

So there you have it. A very simple and quick run down of how I keep and store my make up as well as a sneak peek into my love.

If you have any questions about any products please let me know.

Thank you for stopping by,

In My Head: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything?

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to write about something that has really been bothering me for a while.

So, a YouTube personality I enjoy watching had put up a video about Second chances. In the video, he berated the numerous females that give their significant other a “second chance” but continually hold the wrong doing (usually cheating) against their significant other. He says in a second chance it should be a clean slate and let the past stay in the past. That women shouldn’t bring up the event that caused the need for a second a chance.

I have to say this is total crap. Utter crap. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore this person and watch his videos all the time. But I think this is the single dumbest thing he has ever posted in a video. In my opinion, giving someone a second chance does not automatically erase what they did. If I love someone, I would never cheat on him. If I respect someone, I would never cheat on him. If I cared at all for someone and wanted him in my life, I would not cheat on him. Cheating in itself is wrong. You cannot claim, “oh I love you” after smearing that person with dirt and spitting on his/her face by betraying his/her trust in you to sleep with someone else (Or kiss or flirt or whatever it is you deem cheating.)

But that being said, if I do get cheated on I will feel pain. Lots of pain. From the betrayal, from the feeling of not being good enough, from my own insecurities going haywire in my head. But if I can look past all this and still believe I can be with this person…well there is no way in hell I can start from a clean slate. I can SAY it, but that isn’t the case. The past cannot be undone and because of that, I cannot change my emotions or the scars it will eventually leave. My mentality and views of relationships will permanently shift (maybe not extremes but it will shift slightly.) I cannot simply repress the pain and put on a smile because “hey I gave this person a second chance…a chance to start over.” No. There is no starting over (PS-I desperately want to cuss up a storm right now…so please excuse any slip ups.) A second chance is not starting from scratch all over again, blindly giving your trust to someone who obviously didn’t and still doesn’t deserve it.

In my eyes, a second chance is the chance to prove you deserve to be trusted. If you fucking cheat on someone, expect to wallow in mud before rising to even ground again. You dug yourself into a pretty deep hole, it will take time to climb out. Don’t expect it to be easy, don’t expect it to be quick, and damn don’t expect any help from the person you betrayed. He/She has already given you a HUGE opportunity by even letting you climb out of the hole you dug yourself into. If I give a guy who cheated on me a second chance, I am not going to be nice. I am not going to just “trust him” and start over. I didn’t trust him when we first started dating, he had to gain my trust. Now he has to gain it back again, this time without the benefit of doubt. Every move he makes will be scrutinized by me. Every word he says will be taken with a grain of salt. Every thing he tells me will be considered a lie until shown otherwise. Hell, he lied to my face before-what is going to stop him from doing it again?

If he can’t handle this, the door is easy to find. I wasn’t the one that messed up. So, I won’t feel bad for not trusting him. If he thinks I’m going overboard he should have thought about that before he messed around behind my back. I honestly don’t care what his excuse for his actions are-nothing will change the fact that he thought about what could happen if he got caught, processed it, and decided eff it he’ll screw around anyways. If he can put that much thought into the consequences, then he can deal with them when it comes up. And if those consequences include me being paranoid, well he better learn to deal with that if he “truly loves me.” (But then again true love wouldn’t cheat in the first place right? Now I’m just arguing in circles…Haha.)

Woo…I feel better. Thank you for listening to my rant.

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful one spent surrounded by people you love. I love you all!

Binny =)

In My Head: Wedding Fever!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I am not sure why I am posting this early. I usually save my blogging for the evenings. OH well, maybe this change of pace will be good for me! I just wanted to share something with you all today that I had to get off my chest.

I have been really into looking at wedding things lately. I’m not quite sure why. No my boyfriend hasn’t proposed. No, I am not planning on getting married any time soon. But I just can’t stop looking at engagement rings! (and one of my best friends has been sending me different wedding dresses she wants to wear. They all look gorgeous!)

Before I launch into the entry about WHY I am feeling like this…I reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy want to share what I obsessing over.

The current ring I am in love with is the TIffany’s Bezet Heart Ring.

Tiffany's Bezet Heart

I have included links as well as a picture so if you guys want to go check it out you can!

For some reason, this ring to me is just absolutely perfect. It’s simple but pretty. It isn’t overstated and would look good regardless of season or outfit. It’s also not gold. (I’m not a fan of gold) so I’m happy about that.

Next, my friend has been showing a bunch of wedding dressed. I have been trying to stay away, but at the same time I can’t help but look. I really like wedding dresses because they are so elegant and wonderful. I am debating on a simple dress or a princess style dress. My friend is all about big and bold statement dresses, but I’m not sure I want something like that. I haven’t spent too much time looking at dresses because I feel like right now I’m still waiting for my boyfriend to take step one.

Now, I know some of you will think that I’m rushing it. Heck I haven’t even been with my boyfriend for 6 months yet. (Yeah jumping the gun much Linh?) But, I don’t feel too bad because my boyfriend actually dropped the L bomb on me about a month into the relationship. If that wasn’t bad enough, he has been telling me since then that he wants me to be his wife. He thinks I am “The one” for him. I am going to admit…the feeling is definitely mutual. While my boyfriend’s dating background is a bit sparse (He has only dated one other girl besides me a few years ago in college), I have spent a bit more time dating than he has. I have had 3 other boyfriends where it ended disastrously. But with each relationship getting progressively worse, I learned a lot from each experience. So even though it was a horrible relationship, I have learned something invaluable from each on what I look for in a partner.

Through my learning experience, I know that Lee is going to a wonderful husband. I am not scared thinking about getting married to him. Dare I say, I am even EXCITED to get married to him? Now, I know you guys don’t know me that well. But if you ask my cousin or anyone close to me, Me getting excited about marriage is a BIG DEAL. My ex wanted to propose to me and I felt panic and scared. The thought of getting married to him made me want to vomit. But with Lee, I never felt like that. Even when he said he loved me one month in. Even when he said he wanted to marry me. I just felt….giddy.

To make matters more complex, his mother told him to propose to me before we left for school (Me dental and him PT.) I was surprised by this because I didn’t think his mom would be someone to push him into a serious relationship like that. According to Lee, his mom really likes me so she think we are really good together. Either way, none of this is helping my wedding fever. I am surrounded by friends who are excited to get married and family who is pushing for marriage.

While all of this is rolling in fast forward, I am a bit excited to be Mrs. Lee Chow. LOL. Although, I have told Lee I am keeping my maiden name after we get married. It’s an Asian thing. I have always dreamed of being Dr. Phan…and that won’t change even if I become a Mrs.

Do you all think I’m crazy for rushing things? Have you gotten married recently? Planning on it? I want to hear all about it!

Thank you for reading,

Beauty Thoughts: Skincare routine

Hello my lovelies,

Today, I wanted to focus on something quite important….skincare.

I know everyone’s skin is different and what works for some will not work for others. But, I believe it’s a good idea to check out what everyone else is doing to generate ideas. (And we’re all about sharing here aren’t we?)

First, I want to let you guys know about my skin so you have a better idea if this will work for you or not. I have combination oily skin. I tend to get dryer on the cheeks during season changes and oily as can be in my T-zone. Regardless of what kind of make up I wear, I will be shiny by the end of  the day. I break out quite easily and tend to have very dry skin around my mouth (but I think that is from not drinking enough water…)

I also tend to change-up my routine every so often. I will put down what I do for MOST of the year and note any changes I have done recently in between those times.

My daytime routine:

I was my face with the Clarasonic Mia and Purity cleanser. This is main form of cleansing I do since it leaves my skin clean and smooth. The Purity cleanser is gentle enough that my skin won’t get irritated from using it with the Mia. I also like the smell of the cleanser.

Recently though, I have stopped using the Mia to give my skin a bit of change from the norm. I have switched to using the Cetaphil daily cleanser. I don’t use this with the Mia because I think it will be too harsh for skin and cause excess drying on my cheeks (which already have a tendency to dry out anyways.)

I then use the Shiseido brightening softener. This is a hydrating toner that I have reviewed before. I still really love this toner, but I have learned the price tag is a bit high. Shiseido is an amazing line for Asian skin in particular but I don’t think currently I need to pay 40 dollars for a toner. So I am only using this until I use it up.

After the toner I use the Neutragena Acne Stress Relief gel all over It contains 2% salicylic acid. I need this because my skin is VERY prone to breaking. But since I have dry cheeks, I need something that will not only prevent and dry break outs but also hydrate my skin. This is the perfect product for that purpose.

I also use the BE Eye firming treatment. I use this particular eye cream because while dark circles are not genetic in my family, large bags under the eyes are. (I have it on both sides of my family…great…) So, I find that this firming treatment really reduces the appearance of the bags underneath my eyes. It also helps with dark circles (I had slight circles, nothing major though.)

After letting all that sink into my skin for 10 minutes, I will apply moisturizer. I am currently using the Dramatically different moisturizing gel my clinique, but I may change that once I finished the bottle. I’m not sure which moisturizer I will use just yet. I would love to hear your recommendations on any moisturizer (drugstore or high-end) that you highly recommend.

That is my daytime skin care routine, a bit intense yeah? But it actually takes no time at all.

My nighttime routine:

It is actually pretty similar to my daytime routine. There are a few differences though.

For make up removal, I use the Up&Up eye make up remover. It’s the only one I really like that I’ve tried so far. The Clinique one is also really good, but I think price-wise and performance, the Up&Up one is just fine. It removes my mascara and such beautifully. There are bits of residue left, but nothing major.

I then use baby wipes to remove all my face make up before I wash my face. I use to use removing wipes, but that was getting a bit expensive. So I heard baby wipes were good for make up removal, I tried it and I am in love. I think they are wonderful and they smell good too! I am currently using Huggies, but that’s only because the box the wipes came in has Pooh on it. (Such I sucker for packaging I am…)

I don’t apply moisturizer or the Neutragena gel. Instead, I use Epiduo all over my face.

Epiduo is a prescription topical medication that I use for handling my acne prone skin. Recently, my skin started breaking out like crazy (like it never had before in my entire life.) As a result, I was told by my dermatologist to use Epiduo and the Clarasonic. Thanks to both of these things, my break outs no longer occur. I may include a full post review about this later.

Once a week:

I will use the Cure gel as an exfoliant if I am not showering. I have learned this works much better on dry skin vs. wet skin. It does not hurt at all. It is mostly water and is really good for sensitive skin. Cure is a japanese product and is one of the best-selling. (I was able to learn about Cure through Bubzbeauty on youtube.)After using it, my skin feels smooth, clean, and refreshed actually. I really love this product and I hate to run out because I am not sure where I can get more (and not have to pay a lot for shipping…)

If I am showering at night and need to exfoliate, I will use the St. Ives Apricot scrub. I bought this a few weeks ago to try. I know a lot of people have been talking about it years ago, but I never got around to trying it. I am still on the fence on how much I like it. I think it’s a better body scrub than facial scrub. But once a week, I think it’s pretty quality. I just have to be extra careful to be extra gentle when using it. I do like how smooth my skin is afterwards though.

The mask I use is the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask. I absolutely adore this mask! I have tried a lot of masks; this one, by far, is the best one yet. It smells strongly of mint. So if you don’t like mint, I do not recommend this mask. It tingles when I put it on (another sensation I enjoy.) It really helps make my skin feel clean and refreshed.

Well, that is my skin care routine (a bit long I know, I apologize.) I just wanted to share with you what I do. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these products and what you do for your skin care routine. I would also love any recommendation for other skin care items I should try!

Thank you for stopping by,