Spring Cleaning to Spring Clutter

So as the weather outside becomes more sunshine and daisies, I find myself more energetic than ever before. Now that the year of clinics, tears, and sleepless nights have mostly been put behind me; I am starting to pick up on more spring activities to fill my time as the semester winds down (and before summer winds up again.)

One activity I have really dove into this year is gardening. My apartment complex has small garden plots available and I decided to get one this year. I usually garden in pots so this a huge leap for me. Armed with Pinterest and my country boyfriend, we decided to tackle a garden plot to grow veggies and herbs.  Being the big foodie that I am, I decided to only grow plants I can consume (sorry flowers!!!).

My list of plants include:
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Red Peppers
-Spring Onions
-Strawberries—although I am starting to think I might switch these out for raspberries since it is a little late in the year to grow strawberries.

We decided to start with seeds because…well at the time it was easier to find than a nursery that had small plants of the ones we wanted. (I am still a busy dental student after all…sometimes convenience wins out. And by sometimes, I mean all the time.) But thankfully Nick’s parents were kind enough to give us some gardening tools of our own. (again, as a dental student, any saved expense is a good one.) We picked up some plant food and  a small bag of plotting soil just to get it started.

My First Experience Gardening: My only thought was man it was HOT outside today to be gardening. I wasn’t doing much besides pulling out old plants (from the previous person who used that garden plot) and moving soil around. I was out there maybe an hour and a half but I was sweating more than if I had ran a 5k midday. I looked like a hot mess and I am sure smelled like it too. Nick was kind enough to come help me and get stinky himself.

Overall, I am excited to see if my green thumb exists or if I should just stick to composite fillings and leave the gardening to the pros.


Update and Revamp!

Hello Lovelies,

Whew, it has been a day and then some….so for the 5 people that have read my blog:

There have been major changes as to why I haven’t updated this blog in  a good while. The first being, I am currently about to start my third year of dental school.

So, here is the back story. 2 years ago, I got an interview with Howard University College of Dentistry. I got in! That summer I ended up leaving my home state of Colorado for the big adventure in Washington, DC. I found an apartment and left behind the state I grew up in (and love) and moved. The move itself was pretty smooth thanks to my mom being on top of life and making sure I was settled in before going back to CO.

I initially was excited before I quickly realized DC is not CO. I am not a city girl and I am only kidding myself into thinking that I am. I love sunshine and outdoors. I love smiling at strangers and saying hi. I love knowing that everyone around me is willing to help I just have to ask. None of which can be found in DC. Now don’t get me wrong, there are aspects about DC that I also enjoy….it’s just not home. Home is Colorado. So, that transition was rough.

Then there was change from beauty products to school. I found I had less time for my passion of make up because I had to focus on just getting by in school. So there was that. My blog and everything else got tossed to the side as I turned all of my time and energy on the adventure ahead. It was unfortunate that my hobby and interest got lost in my school. But I figured it was a good trade off for my dream career. But it made me think…now that I had time…what really drove me…

So in order to keep myself sane…and entertained. I decided to revamp my blog. I decided to make it into something different and really try to put effort into keeping up with it. I figured it would be best to start writing about things that pertain to me now rather than me 2 years ago. I don’t have the time to dedicate to trying and reviewing ad noting what I love and don’t love about beauty products. I may still occasionally post a review (since I have recently discovered a new facial routine that really has settled my breaking out all the time due to stress skin.) But I wanted to change my blog into more of a organization/daily nuggets kind of blog. Keep it light and not so demanding as a beauty blog (cause let’s be honest….my beauty blog was going no where.)

I think my first new entry will be school related (ugh) about how I keep my school notes/etc organized to ensure my success. Hopefully someone out there finds it useful.

Until next time,


Beauty Thoughts: My Wishlist

Hello my dear readers!

Sometimes, the best part of make up is looking at different things you may want and compiling a wish list. I wanted to share what I am currently lusting after and I’ll probably add a note on when I plan to purchase certain items from my wishlist. If I don’t mention when I want to buy it-it probably means I don’t plan on buying it’s just pretty to look at. =)

Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette

Too Faced Return of Sexy Eyeshadow Palette (Birthday): I’ve never owned a Too Faced Palette before in my life. I never wanted all of the 9 shadow palettes they’ve come out with…but this one really caught my eye. Not only in packaging but swatches as well. Sephora posted a picture of the shadow on various skintones and they all looked amazing!!

MAC’s ravishing

Next, I have really been enjoying Mac lipsticks recently…all three that I own. I was watching pinksofoxy’s youtube videos on her favorite mac lipsticks and dupes for them and the one color I really fell in love with was Ravishing. It’s a beautiful pink coral color that is perfectly within colors I absolutely adore. I plan on buying this around my birthday so that I can also pre-order from the Marilyn Monroe collection. (Thank goodness I am on good terms with the ladies at my local MAC counter.)

MAC’s Gingerly

This blush I have been wanting to try for quite a while. Totalmakeupjunkie101 on youtube is always raving about this color being the perfect “perk your cheeks up” color. She also has a bit of a darker skintone than I do. I think after watching her mention this blush in so many of her videos I’ve started to want to try it. I do love neutral toned blushes that I can just throw together. I also plan on getting this with I pick up Ravishing.

MAC’s Cleansing Oil

Like I mentioned before, I am on a total cleansing oil kick! I really want to try this one from Mac! I will probably get it in a MAC haul because I want to compare it to the Philosophy Cleansing Oil I have.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (pink)

Another cleansing oil I really want to try, the Shu Uemura’s Fresh Pore Clarifying gentle cleansing oil. I thought out of all the cleansing oils, this one would also tackle my pores and maybe help with my oily skin without making it too oily. (Plus it’s so pretty).

Eyeko Mascara

This mascara I heard about from the pixiwoo sisters. It looks interesting and I adore the squeeze tube design. They are now available online at Sephora (which is nice that those of us from the US won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have it shipped from the UK.)

Those are my high end item wish list. I will probably make a drugstore wishlist soon. I just need more time to weed out the items I kind of want to the items I really want (since there are so many drugstore products.)

Thank you for reading,



In My Head: My Heart Hurts

This morning the news was bombarded with the story about the horrendous shooting at Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Many of my readers may (or may not know) that I am from Colorado. I grew up in Denver and now live in Thornton (about 20 minutes north of Denver.) I have been to the Century 16 theater and know quite a few people who frequent it often.

More often than not, when I hear about shootings-it’s usually happening in other places. I had the mentality that it happens to other people, not here, not this close to home. The last time anything this tragic of this magnitude happening here was Columbine. I was only in middle school when it happened and was too young to really understand the lasting impact that event would have on daily life. (To me, it didn’t really have an impact…I didn’t think it would ever happen to MY school.)

But this morning all of that changed. This even opened my eyes that regardless of where these tragedies happen-I will impacted. I now understand that I don’t live in this safe haven bubble where my world is protected from the heinous crimes other people choose to commit. I am in their world just as much as they are in mine. It’s a scary thought; one that makes me feel extremely vulnerable.

But I also begin to see that my world is interconnected with the victims as well. Hearing about the young children who were hurt or killed breaks my heart and I can barely compose this entry or myself without crying. Knowing that there are parents who had their entire worlds shattered because of one person’s heartless act. There are young adults who had entire futures unexplored because of this.

I don’t know his reason for committing this crime and frankly, I don’t care. Lives were changed forever. People here will no longer feel safe doing something as innocent as going to see a movie…in a state where I always thought I was safe. I always thought “no one in Colorado would have the pure evil inside them to commit a crime of this magnitude.” And yet here I am, scanning new headlines and every social media I am connected to to find out if I knew someone there (No matter how distant it may be…maybe a fellow classmate from highschool.)

But it also taught me to appreciate. To not let the minute details of life bother me. To be grateful for the family I have and to be able to hold them and tell them I love them. Something I hope I never forget again.

Thank you for reading,

In My Head: Study Tips!

Hello Everyone!

So as I mentioned before, I am preparing to decide my future. In preparing for my future, I have come across a few little tips that help me focus and study and get the most out of my studying. I hope this helps some of you who may still be in school, are taking a test, or just learning in general to look at yourself and start to understand how you learn best.

The first things I learned were:

I completely and utterly lack the ability to multitask. I cannot be someone who has the TV going on in the background, Facebook casually opened, or others around me talking and study at the same time. I just get too distracted too easily and I can’t study or retain any information from that study session.

I know how I learn best: For me, I remember and retain information(and integrated it into my schema) best when I am able to listen to someone say it and write it down while I’m listening. This is why lectures really work well for me. I don’t do well with “practicing” concepts if I don’t have time to simply hear someone explain it and for me to write it down. I am an auditory learner but only when I can also write it down. Visuals don’t really help me cause I can’t recall visuals like some others can. I only know it if I remember writing it (in tandem with someone saying it to me…I can’t stress that enough.) This is why taking notes from a book helps me…but not as much as taking notes during a lecture.

Take BREAKS! This is the most important thing and the hardest thing for me because I have a very odd way of focusing. I tend to hyper focus for HOURS at a time. I mean completely focused, I can’t take in anything going on around me because I am so focused on what is before me. I feel like once I get in the “zone” as my family calls it I just want to keep on studying. The side effects of being a creature of habit fur sure. But as many of you already know, most people remember things at the beginning and end the best-I’m not exception. Therefore, by taking breaks I am able to have more beginning and ends to remember.

Have a bottle of water near by. One of the biggest distractions for me is that I like to snack while studying. It’s an easy way to distract myself because…well my snacks eventually run out and I go search for more. So I switched to having a bottle of water with me so that I can always just go re-fill it and no worries there.

A white board. I have a giant white board I use for writing up key concepts and points that I need to remember. Using the colors and writing it after writing it in my notes really helps me see things I didn’t see just on paper. Plus, using the colorful markers are just fun and anything that makes studying fun is a win.

These are just 5 quick little things I do to make sure when I sit down to focus-I get the most out of it. I hope this helped you all a little bit. Please, if you have any tips leave a comment. I am always looking for ways to improve how I study!

Till next time,

Beauty Thoughts: Cleansing Oil

Hello My Darling Readers,

Today, I wanted to take a break from massive swatches and reviews. (I am in the process of writing reviews for some of the palettes I recently obtained which include but are not limited to the Hello Kitty Parisenne Palette, tokidoki airways palette, tokidoki love from london palette, and theBalm balmbini vol. 2 palette…plus other things from hauls.)

I wanted to discuss a bit about something I have been using lately-cleansing oils. I bought the purity cleansing oil from philosophy awhile back during a sale they were having. I thought the cleansing oil looked very interesting and had seen a few youtube videos and read a few blogs raving about these products. I tend to have oily skin, it can be acne prone but usually not, and I will get dry around the lips if I don’t drink enough water each day. So, I was looking for a gentle way to remove my make up at night without agitating the dry skin (which is more often during the summer). I was using unscented baby wipes, but I noticed that it really agitated any dry spots I would develop from my bad hydration habits.

That’s when I heard about the cleansing oils. I have seen quite a few people raving about the MAC cleansing oil (which I plan on purchasing soon) but didn’t want to pay the $26 for 5 fl oz. Now it’s not that most expensive cleansing oil available, but I was able to get 1 fl oz of the Philosophy cleansing oil for $3 during a sale. So I ended up paying $15 for 5 fl oz. rather and $26.

I initially was only using it remove heavy make up-and I still do mainly use the oil to remove my make up when I have a full face/night out make up. But I have also started using it when I develop eczema around my lips. Not a pretty site, but I know I have to be extra gentle with cleansing. So far, I really enjoy using the cleansing oil at night. It removes my make up without feeling like my skin was also stripped along with it (which was how it felt after using the baby wipe.) I still wash my face with a normal cleanser afterwards, but it’s nice washing my face knowing I am going to actually be cleaning my face and not just washing off the make up.

Using the philosophy cleansing oil has started a small and growing obsession with cleansing oils. The two I am desperate to try are the cleansing oil from mac and the pore clarifying oil fro Shu Uemura. I am trying to wait till Shu Uemura has a sale or some sort…maybe a friends and family sale. The MAC one I know I am going to get in September when my birthday rolls around. (This is also a ploy because I know my MAC counter lets people pre-order collections when they come in to buy something. I know the Marilyn Monroe collection is coming out in October, so going in September I have a feeling they’ll let me pre-order from that collection and I am going to MAJORLY Haul things.)

Thanks again for stopping by and look forward to reviews, swatches, and general non-sense,


Beauty Thoughts: theBalm Balmbini Vol. 2 Palette Swatches

Hello dear readers,

I promised I would get this posted as soon as I can and so here it is: the swatches from the palette I won from theBalm.

If you don’t know, theBalm gives away one product to a fan every day 5 days a week. You simply post on their facebook wall what is one product you would like to try. They randomly select a winner every day and then send it to you! Which is pretty awesome in my opinion because I love theBalm and I think they are worth every penny.

You can sometimes find their products discounted at TJMaxx or Marshall’s. They also go on sale at Hautelook and sometimes have freaking amazing deals like buy one shady lady palette and get the other two for free.

But on to the good stuff.

Like I said earlier, I won the balmbini palette vol 2.

The outside of the Palette
The inside of the palette

So as you can see, the palette comes with a highlighter, a liner (and shadow), three eyeshadows (that can also be liners), a lip/cheek tint, and a lipgloss.

This palette was designed to be compact, but still give you everything you need to touch up on the go. It was described as a mini face palette, which I thought was adorable. It really does give me everything I would need on the go. I can easily fit it in my purse or bag. It’s a wonderful size for traveling (my boyfriend even said it would be perfect for camping because it’s so small and he knows I love my make up.)

On to the swatches!

Promiscuous Pearl and Jinxy Jasmine

Promiscuous Pearl and Jinxy Jasmyne

The highlighter is a really pretty neutral highlight. It’s a bit more pink that Mary Lou (the other popular highlighter from theBalm) but I think it balances well with the other colors in the palette. Jinxy Jasmyne did not swatch as well as I thought it would. It was really dark and pigmented on my finger, but when I swiped it on my arm it just didn’t come out as pretty. Hopefully it matches my finger and not my arm. It’s really creamy (almost wet feeling…)

Eyeshadows: Manic Maribel, open to offers olwen, and lavish latoya

Manic Maribel, Open to Offers Olwen, and Lavish Latoya

These eyeshadows definitely delivered like I expected. TheBalm has AMAZING eyeshadows and these definitely lived up to my others. I haven’t worn them yet, but I think they are all wonderful, shimmery colors. They don’t have any large pieces of glitter, it’s mostly shimmer and it looks amazing. They’re very creamy and swatched super well (both on my finger and arm.)

Lip/Cheek Stain and lipgloss: Strawberry and nude

Strawberry and Nude

The lip/cheek stain in strawberry is bright coral pink. It’s a wonderful cream blush and loved how it felt. I haven’t worn it on my cheeks yet, but I will soon so I can do a more in-depth review of this palette. The gloss is a typical nude gloss. It’s very nude and almost blends into my skintone. I wonder if it’s going to wash my out…we’ll have to see.

Well, those are the swatches from theBalm balmbini vol. 2 palette. I will let you know my first impressions on this product when I get a chance to wear it!

Thank you for stopping by,